pwong demo 2012

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Justin Time was Emmy Nominated.

Better late than never on this post. Justin Time was Emmy Nominated. Sadly we lost to Bubble Guppies... but happy to know we were a contender!

Friday, April 12, 2013

2013 demo update..

Well always fun when you discover things like this... it would seem a good majority of the shots I worked on for Justin Time Season 2 made the cut for Guru's Studio Reel. It's good to be appreciated :D

GURU STUDIO REEL 2013 from guru studio on Vimeo.

That said, after speaking to certain powers that be, it would seem I can put my new demo materials up... so.. the above link is that... enjoy! [Also on another note I like that they used Polysics as part of the soundtrack... but you gotta see the video for the original track...]

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Well... it's nearing the end of October and rounding out to what seems to be at least the end of Justin Time Season 2 which I've been working on as a Compositor since February. Here's a link to some episodes that are officially " released "... looks like I did some money shots... Also you can see full information about the show at enjoy.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Yowza.. December since the last post. That's a good thing I suppose... because again it means I've been busy. The resume has expanded, and since I've been working @ Guru Studios here in Toronto as a Lighter/Compositor on their show "Justin Time". Anyway, updates will be incoming within a month or two...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


So as you can see from the first post, the new demo has been recently updated...

Please enjoy.

The Rocket Science VFX material is slowly beginning to air. Todd and the Book of Pure Evil Season 2 Episode 6 came out sometime last week so I imagine within a few months I'll have a bunch of new material to release. As well, we'll be seeing Little Mosque on the Prairie coming out early January...

At any rate things are already getting kind of busy... see you all in the new year.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Quick Update... which is really not quite an update since nothing new will go up.

The update is that I'm really very busy at RSVFX. Overtime. Yada Yadda. Multiple shows including this:

Once this contract is over I'll hopefully be able to make a real update... and of course i'll have more to add since the contract is over. But as it is I'll have to settle with an apology for not having an updated demo... the best I can do for now is links to the shows I worked on via youtube and

Unfortunately the reality is I am busy. Which is a good thing... but it has me apologetic because I really want to see a new reel too..

Thursday, September 15, 2011

It would seem we are decent popcorn tv according to the NY Times.

Never thought anything I'd be associated would be reviewed there. Or rather I never thought if I were ever to have something in NY Times it would be popcorn TV.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


More Dark Matters. Honestly I forgot how many of these shots I had worked on with this particular episode. The first few shots with Tesla in his lab, and the last half of this trailer were my shots (essentially anything where you see Tesla I worked on). Tesla scenes at the Messy Waldorf Hotel were particularly fun simply because the books were a clean plate multiplied across the greenscreen floor. I was also really happy with the shot of the FBI breaking in through the door ended up having that "Batman" biff-sock-pow-with camera-shake quality with action essentials smoke.

New clips on the science.discovery webpage. In this trailer, the majority of the wide shots of Davis in his lab and at his desk are mine. Some of the shots could've been integrated better than others... as always with a timeline sometimes we're just happy to have gotten some of it out the door. Live and learn.

Ah the Nitrous episode. Fun and sometimes difficult episode. Unfortunately not alot of the shots featured here in this trailer are mine (Just the sequence where Well's wakes up in the dentist chair [some difficult tracks]). The trailer definitely shows how much fun some of this stuff was though.

Monday, August 15, 2011

more links

more of what we did at Acme for the show Dark Matters... I'm particularly happy that the messy library shot and the following psychic "testing room" shots made it into this reel...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The previous project

So it would seem I've found a "preview" link to the project I was working on at Acme Digital Pictures. Not sure why the audio is out of synch on the other preview that the science channel uploaded, but anyway...

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Updated the compositing demo and separated out the animation portion to its own video. Fact is, I've kept "the demo" under wraps for almost 2 years... the only people who see this are the odd friend and potential employers. I've been meaning to put it out there for a little while now but up until now, I was waiting for permissions etc. Naturally as a result, that half life on this stuff has expiered... the majority of the reel is kind of "old" since the portfolio has expanded relatively significantly since the projects related to it have long since wrapped. Hence I'm putting it up here now.

As per usual, the reason I haven't updated with new stuff is because I continue to wait on green lights from prior employers and a crack at the raw materials for the appropriate shots. At any rate enjoy.

Animation Shot List Breakdown

Shot 1
“Pozzles” Pitch (used by permission from Fatkat Animation) - TV Broadcast
Lighting, Environment and Rigging by Aadel Forootan
Narration by Margaret Lyndon
Sound Design by Dacapo Productions
“Vozle” and “Treadz” 3d Animation by Patrick Wong (Alias Maya)

Shot 2
Ugly Americans - TV Broadcast
Inbetweener on Augenblick Studio's "Ugly Americans" which aired on Comedy Central and Canada's The Comedy Network. Traditional Flash based animation, hand drawing frame by frame using Wacom Cintiq tablets.

Shot 3
Mantra Design : Pepsi
Calorie Bank 2d Animation
After Effects Courtesy of Jay Liquori
2d Style Guides and Design Courtesy of Keith Bendis
2d Traditional Animation [Main posing and inbetweens] by Patrick Wong

Shot 4
Konstrukt Invasion: Casual Game by Eximion.BV
Baby Gruong Creature Animation Cycles for Eximion Game Company
Walk, Run , Attack, Death.
Model and Textures by Laura Endert.
Rigging and Animation by Patrick Wong

Shot 5
"Fighter" personal animation
Rig, Model, Environment, Lighting and Animation by Patrick Wong

Shot 6
Ugly Americans - TV Broadcast
Inbetweener on Augenblick Studio's "Ugly Americans" which aired on Comedy Central and Canada's The Comedy Network. Traditional Flash based animation, hand drawing frame by frame using Wacom Cintiq tablets.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Documentation of Workflow and Process Stills

Just posting a couple process pics from when I was working at Fatkat on this kid's show concept Pozzles.  I documented fairly frequently ... partially because I was interested in the solutions and problem solving process.  I don't regret doing it.  The documents served as a good tool to know what the goals were visually, conceptually and organizationally.  It ultimately illustrated process, achievements and identified where my hours went to, and to what end in relation to my co-workers and project goals.  Even with so few images, this is a pretty good illustration of the technical process involved in the 3d development of this project while at Fatkat.

For the "Reach" character, there were interesting rigging challenges which required dynamic parenting solutions to match the "hand/suction cup" and deformations, positionally and rotationally.  It was interesting to see this character evolve with the various deformer solutions particularly in terms of the character's physical expression... sadly in the end, this character never made the light of day for the pitch... he only made it onto one of two promo cards.  Below is the concept of him from Mick Harrison... I think somewhere along the line people decided suction cups were more friendly for kids than cold hard steel Doctor Octopus hands...

Another character that never made it out was the "Mamabird".  It was interesting because when I first arrived at that studio and even in the process of ironing out contracts I was pretty explicit in making sure I knew that the tasks expected of me were exclusively 3d Animation.  As luck would have it, this kid's show pitch presented an opportunity to stretch the generalist wings with rigging and modelling.  The "mamabird" was fun to work on.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A little animation I helped a friend in a pinch out with.  My role was mostly sweetening it up with antics.