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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Documentation of Workflow and Process Stills

Just posting a couple process pics from when I was working at Fatkat on this kid's show concept Pozzles.  I documented fairly frequently ... partially because I was interested in the solutions and problem solving process.  I don't regret doing it.  The documents served as a good tool to know what the goals were visually, conceptually and organizationally.  It ultimately illustrated process, achievements and identified where my hours went to, and to what end in relation to my co-workers and project goals.  Even with so few images, this is a pretty good illustration of the technical process involved in the 3d development of this project while at Fatkat.

For the "Reach" character, there were interesting rigging challenges which required dynamic parenting solutions to match the "hand/suction cup" and deformations, positionally and rotationally.  It was interesting to see this character evolve with the various deformer solutions particularly in terms of the character's physical expression... sadly in the end, this character never made the light of day for the pitch... he only made it onto one of two promo cards.  Below is the concept of him from Mick Harrison... I think somewhere along the line people decided suction cups were more friendly for kids than cold hard steel Doctor Octopus hands...

Another character that never made it out was the "Mamabird".  It was interesting because when I first arrived at that studio and even in the process of ironing out contracts I was pretty explicit in making sure I knew that the tasks expected of me were exclusively 3d Animation.  As luck would have it, this kid's show pitch presented an opportunity to stretch the generalist wings with rigging and modelling.  The "mamabird" was fun to work on.

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